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Allies to Advocates: Desi Rainbow Parents and Allies Empower Transformation

For many South Asians, a child’s queerness invariably becomes a family identity. Navigating the complexities of a family can be contentious — and few know that better than Aruna Rao, Founder of Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies. Rao’s desire to create a community for parents of queer, desi children was the driving spark for Desi Rainbow, as BGM’s Brown boy contributor Stephen Jiwanmall reported last month.

Desi Rainbow has become a staple among the various support services for LGBTQIA+ South Asians

Haran Vijayanathan: Pushing the Boundary

A Sri-Lankan Tamil man is imagining new possibilities for the Toronto South Asian LGBTQ+ community “In a white world, it becomes very challenging because you feel like you’re the only person in this entire world who is brown and gay.” Haran Vijayanathan is no stranger to the complicated experience of straddling both South Asian and LGBTQ+ identities. As the Executive Director of Toronto’s Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP), he currently leads one of the few organizations dedicated

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